About Me and My Internship

Here’s a little bit more information about me before I write more:                             

My name is Niamh Schumacher

My name is Irish and it is pronounced “Knee-of.”

My mom is from Ireland and I got to live there for 2 years when I was little!

I grew up in Seymour, Tennessee with my mom, dad, and 2 older brothers.

I will begin my 3rd year as a food science student at UT in the fall.

I was a competitive long distance runner in high school, and I ran cross country and track for UT during my first year as a student here.

My parents raised me as a vegetarian so I have never eaten meat!

I love nutrition and I really became interested in it in high school when as I was searching for plant-based foods high in protein to fuel my long distance running. I am so excited to be a nutrition intern for the Rwanda Project, and working in healthcare abroad is what I would love to do as a career.

I starting working as a nutrition intern for the Tworore Inkoko, Tunguska Project (or Rwanda Project, as I sometimes call it) in February of this year. There are 14 nutrition trainings taking place at the Zamura Feed Mill during May and June and I will be assisting with the trainings. I have been working with Patsy Watkins, a UTIA extension agent, and Tracy, the project’s nutrition administrator in Rwanda, to plan for the trainings. Dr. Brynn Voy, a professor in UT’s department of animal science and Emily Urban, the former Rwanda Project Program coordinator, have also helped in the planning of this summer’s nutrition trainings.

This is the third summer that the nutrition trainings are taking place in Musanze, and it is the first time that the project has recruited an intern to assist with the trainings. Another UT intern will also be working with the Rwanda Project this summer, and her name is Ashley Haylett. Ashley will be a 3rd year biosystems engineering student and she will be doing research on the soil where the farmers raise their chickens.

I am very grateful to UT for the opportunity to work with the Rwanda Project as an undergraduate student. I have already learned so much in the last 4 months as an intern, and I am so excited to share what I learn in Rwanda over the next 8 weeks on this blog!

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