Nutrition Training with Cohort 12

There are 12 cohorts of farmers who are raising chickens with Zamura. We concluded our nutrition trainings on Monday June 17th with cohort 12. This is a very special group of farmers. They have just recently joined the project, so they have not even received their first flock of chickens yet. They live in Muhoza, where the demo farm is located, so they walked to be with us on Monday morning.

Unfortunately there was a devastating accident in Muhoza early Monday morning. A truck hit and killed a bicycle driver and two small children. The children were riding the bicycle on their way to school. This was such a tragic accident, and it happened to the neighbors of some of the chicken farmers. Several farmers were unable to walk to the demo farm to attend our nutrition training because they were visiting their neighbor in the hospital. Those who could not attend sent their spouses or other family members.

I was so blown away to see so many farmers there given the accident that just occurred that morning. Incredibly, everyone greeted me with happy smiles. They even danced and sang as we waited for our “1 pot” meal to cook.

This is just another example of the resiliency of the Rwandan people. They are still able to smile and dance in the midst of their grief. They pick themselves up and carry themselves with pride and dignity. My admiration for them grows every single day.

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